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Three display companies, one solution, discover 
the DISQ Group 
A leading trade display solutions provider made up of three of the best event and exhibition product suppliers in the UK.
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The DISQ Group

We are a leading trade display solutions provider made up of three of the best event and exhibition product suppliers in the UK.

DISQ stands for DISPLAY, INNOVATION, SERVICE and QUALITY and by combining these three companies that is exactly what we can offer our resellers.

Together we can provide the most comprehensive range of products for event, exhibition and retail use whilst offering unrivalled value through excellent customer service, product innovation, and marketing and technical support.

We’re always on your wavelength. As individuals we have spent many decades in the graphic, exhibition and display markets, both in the UK and overseas. As a group, this gives us the unique ability to completely understand what you require from a trade product supplier.

Exhibition Services


Use our full show management service to handle everything from graphics and furniture to flooring and installation - anywhere in the world!

Portable Displays


Portable display systems are easy to assemble, durable and offer great value for money making them the perfect light-weight solution for all your display needs.

Promotional Displays

Rapido Product Image (BRANDED).jpg
Promotor NEW Logo (Green with transparen

Our range of in-store demonstration counters and promotional displays cover every requirement for advertising and displaying your product or service.


Latest News

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Eve Light Up The Industry

Catch the eye with Eve’s vibrant light towers.

Designed specifically for retail, showroom and exhibition environments, Lumos is a new user-friendly revolutionary product range that really does give the ability to stand out from the crowd.


Eve Products have thought long and hard about how best to use the incredible potential of Lumos. We decided that today’s proliferation of smartphones should be exploited by updating the control mechanism to a Bluetooth-based app. Plus, people kept losing their remote control, and that seems less likely with a phone!


launches the Rapido

The Rapido is a brand new design, following in the footsteps of the highly successful Finesse, Finesse2 and Swift 360. The Rapido has been developed to work with a graphic wrap style print and simple fixing system, making it easy to produce and attach the graphic print.


This brings the overall purchase cost down and saves time on labour cost for traditional vinyl print. This makes the Rapido incredibly competitive especially when purchased in volumes.


Your Display Partners Across The UK

Please contact individual DISQ group members for specific product information

Exhibition Services



t: +44 (0)1425 653 943


Portable Displays



t: +44 (0)1756 792 972

Promotor NEW Logo (Green with transparen

Promotional Displays



t: + 44 (0)1763 248 074

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