DISQ Group appoints new chairman

Luke Facey DISQ Group

The DISQ Group, a leading display and exhibition membership body, has named Alfa Display Managing Director Luke Facey as its new chairman, replacing Phiippe Jeffery of Promotor Industries International.

Facey, who has strong links with the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA), will play an integral part in the DISQ Groups future plans of becoming one of the industry’s main sounding board for trade-only clients, and also help to maintain the groups international expansion.

"The DISQ Group has enjoyed a great deal of success with Philippe Jeffery as Chairman," explains Luke Facey. "The four companies have been working together with each other to develop and promote new products, and help our clients to bring these to the market. I'm excited by the opportunities that we are developing together in both the UK and Europe, and look forward to working with the rest of the Group to expand these further."

Facey brings with him more than 20 years knowledge and experience in the exhibition industry. Coming straight from university, he manufactured the Premier pop-up system for Scan Display. He worked in a variety of roles, from sales and customer service to setting up branches in America, prior to becoming Managing Director of Alfa Display in 2003.

"After two enjoyable years of being Chairman of the DISQ group it is now time for me to step down making way for Luke Facey to become chairman," says Philippe Jeffery. "With many years of industry experience, I feel he is the right man for the job although rest assured I, like all other DISQ group members, will still be having a very active role within the successful group."